Conceptual Model Group (15/16)
  • Conceptual model presentation
    Powerpoint presentation outlining the overall model for planning, assessment and budgeting developed in 2015-2016

  • Companion workbook
    Workbook that provides additional detail for terms, processes, etc. presented in the conceptual model

HSU Resources
Other Resources
  • Assessment Commons
    Collection of different assessment handbooks

  • Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS)
    “Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) is the pre-eminent force for promoting standards in student affairs, student services, and student development programs. CAS creates and delivers dynamic, credible standards, guidelines, and Self-Assessment Guides that are designed to lead to a host of quality programs and services. CAS aims to foster and enhance student learning, development, and achievement.”

  • Prosci - change management website
    Resources related to change management best practices.

  • IAPBPM Implementation Working Group Charge
    The INTEGRATED ASSESSMENT, PLANNING, and BUDGETING PROCESS MODEL IMPLEMENTATION (IAPBPM) Working Group will take the model that was developed in FY 2015-2016 and approved by the Cabinet and URPC in August 2016 and develop/validate processes and tools to support the implementation of the IAPBPM, including Change Management, Time Management, and other foundational skills.

  • IAPB Plan Working Group Memo
    This group is instrumental to implementing goal 4 of the strategic plan; serve as effective stewards of the natural and built environment and the university's resources with a focus on sustainability. Specifically it will help ensure that HSU's budget model is unified, transparent, and evidence-based and reflects institutional priorities.